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Welcome to our School where we wish you all Peace & Happiness!
Shanti Shanti Shanti!!!

Sthira Chitta Yoga is a Shala (School) constructed on the foundation of love for Yoga and Humanity which is been nurtured by Bhakti Raval and Sebastian Sambra.

Bhakti and Seba have studied various, unique, traditional and contemporary styles of Yoga from many Yoga Teachers, Spiritual Gurus and Yoga Teachers Training Schools mainly from India. 

The education, energy and experience between Bhakti and Seba has been the cause of the birth of Sthira Chitta Yoga.

Their journey of Sthira Chitta Yoga has been guided with the belief in the powerful teachings of their Gurus.

The teaching at Sthira Chitta Yoga is Integral Yoga, which is having a holistic approach in the practices to work on all aspects of human being.

The main aim of Sthira Chitta Yoga is to work on the most powerful tools that we are born with – our Body, our Breath & our Mind, allowing us to attain the core mission, that is gaining Sthirata (Steadiness) of the Chitta (Mind, Personality Complex) which is the true essence of Yoga.

As mentioned by Maharashi Patanjali in his Yoga Sutra 1:2 ‘Yogah Chitta Vritti Nirodha’ – Yoga is the cessation of the modifications of the mind.

At Sthira Chitta Yoga the students will not only learn how to improve their own daily practices but also learn how to impart these learnings to their students. They will learn the art of integrating the ancient knowledge of Yoga to a modern life style. We wish to bring a positive change in the lives of our students through our teachings.

Our School is a Yoga Alliance USA Registered Yoga School, our teachings are in accordance to the guideline of QCI – Quality Council of India. We conduct Workshops, Varied Courses, Teacher’s Training Programs and Group and Private classes, for all age groups and all level of practitioners.

The environment at Sthira Chitta Yoga is very welcoming and warm along with being highly focused and dedicated towards the teachings and practices. We believe living in a very organic manner, studying and practicing together where everyone will learn to laugh more, eat healthier, learn deeper and making a relationship for life. We aim that one doesn’t only Learn Yoga but Lives Yoga.

The Workshops and Courses cover the various dimensions of Yoga. They are designed aiming for all levels of Yoga and Healing students and practitioners and varied target audience.

For example, some of the different Workshops and Courses are on Women (pregnancy, menopause, menstrual, puberty and daily health management), Children, Corporates, Senior Citizens, Health Conditions (Orthopedic, Respiratory, Cardiac and Hypertension, Weight Management, Stress Management, Digestive Disorders) and many more.

The Courses and Workshops are designed on the basis of years of teaching experience and studying the subject. The teachings are imparted in a detailed manner to create a deeper understanding and wholistic experience.

Our Yoga Workshops and Courses:

Meditation | Pranayama | Yoga Philosophy

Chakras | Ayurveda | Yoga Therapy

At Sthira Chitta Yoga (SCY) we also offer Workshops and Courses of Alternative Therapies:

Thai/Yoga Massage (Basic and Professional) | Therapeutic Massage | Tok-Sen Massage

Tibetan Singing Bowl – Sound Therapy | Reiki (I, II, III and Master Levels)

Tarot – Professional and Master Courses

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They are for all levels of practitioners: The sessions include Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Kriyas, Pranayamas and Meditation.






Morning Yoga Classes at LifeStyle Hotel & Resort – Cabarete

9:30 – 10:30


9:30 – 10:30


9:30 – 10:30

Sunset Yoga Classes at Villa Taina Hotel






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Our teachers have a background of studying traditional styles of Yoga and years of experience in teaching.

Having an in-depth knowledge of Yoga, each teacher holds specialization and expertise in their subjects of teaching.

Our entire team of teachers are connected with each other in a special bond, irrespective of their presence in all the courses together.

In Sthira Chitta Yoga (SCY) we are working towards making a difference in people’s lives by spreading the joy of teaching with love, compassion and ease. We wish to make this world a much happier and united place to live in.

Bhakti is a highly dynamic and passionate Yoga practitioner from India and has dedicated her life to studying and teaching Yoga since 2002…

Seba is a Yoga enthusiast from Argentina for whom teaching comes very naturally. His Yoga journey started from 2009…