Tibetan Singing Bowls


Intensive Workshop

The Tibetan Bowls work in the body through the Resonance Principle, where a healthy vibration is achieved with greater intensity and harmony and is transmitted to the whole body unblocking and spreading contagious vibrations in more diffuse or unhealthy places. The vibrations emitted by the bowls harmonize the vibrations of the body of different systems, organs, cells, etc., that is, if a body has a blockage, it is unblocked by the vibration emitted by the bowl.

The sounds produced by the Bowls also modify our brain waves, which leads to similar states of consciousness that we find when we meditate, which gives us a greater receptivity to self-healing.

In our workshop we will learn about the history of Tibetan Singing Bowl, how it’s manufacture, learn the different ways of handling (how to touch, how to play, hold, etc.), learn and experience the Sound Bath, the Massage with the Bowl, the Cleaning of Environments, the Cerebral Hemisphere Alignment, the Harmonization of the Chakras, their Benefits and Limitations and different Meditation techniques.


1-Brief History of the Origin of Tibetan Bowls.

2-Form and structure of the Bowls.


4-The Tibetan Bowl.

              -Some of the effects of the Tibetan Bowls.


5-Sound Bath

-Cleaning of Environments.

6-Sound Bowls. Uses and applications.

7-How to play, handle, and hold.

-Different blows.

8-Alignment of Cerebral Hemispheres.

9-Harmonization of the Chakras.

-Brief explanation of the Chakras.

-Technique, theory and practice.

10-Principles of Resonance, Drag and Vibration.

11-Massage with the Tibetan Bowl.

-Application of the bowl on the body. Theory and practice.


13-Tibetan Bowls and Meditation.


-Soft Copy Manual.



3 Hours.

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