Professional Tarot Course | Master Tarot Course

Most of the people believe that Tarot reading is not for everyone, it takes some sort of magic or one needs to hold certain psychic or intuitive powers in order to be a Good Tarot Reader.

Our mission is to change this false belief, as each one is born intuitive. There is an Inner Guide, a voice within, which provides guidance and wisdom of life to each one of us. It’s just that over the years due to various reasons this connection with the Inner Guide becomes weak, the intuitive side gets blocked.

But this frail connection can be easily revived back, and that is where Tarot Cards helps.

When one starts to connect oneself with the Tarot deck, it starts to automatically connect them to their Inner Guide. Through the cards, one starts to receive guidance which helps them to make successful choices and right decisions.

Tarot makes us aware that the help we need or the light that brightens our path, is within us and has always been there for us.

Tarot is like the mirror to one’s Soul, it aligns us with the purpose of our life, also more than predicting the future Tarot guides to create a good future.

The cards help to become more certain of all the things happenings in our life and its patterns. This awareness gives clarity on how to bring the scattered elements of our lives together and fulfil the goals and purpose of life.

But the most beautiful part about studying Tarot is that it makes us independent. Tarot serves as a tool that strengthens the faith in one’s own self and makes us aware that all the resources are within us.

The cards serve the same function that of the floats tied up on the baby’s arms when they start to swim. Actually, the baby knows how to swim, but the fear and conditioning makes the baby think it can’t swim on its own. So, when the floats are used, it makes the baby feels safe to swim and over a period of time starts to swim independently.

Similarly, the Tarot cards help one to swim until they are able to connect to their Inner Guide on their own.

In life it is very important for each one to enjoy whatever they chose to do, similarly learning the Tarot is a journey, so enjoy it. Don’t stress and brood about how and when the intuitions will flow, will it flow with ease and when will the connection with the Inner Guide become strong etc.

Just start using your Tarot deck, work sincerely with all what you have learnt in the course, maintain regularity in your practice, do small readings on a daily basis, maintain a journal as guided in the course, make sure you practice the meditations regularly, try to be honest with your readings, fill yourself with love, compassion and forgiveness and you will start experiencing miracles.

The Tarot cards are not difficult to learn, if studied in the right way, they appear very easy. Always remember Tarot cards are simple, yet surprisingly rich!!

  1. Both Professional and Master course are for everyone: if you are a beginner or already have explored the Tarot.
  2. All those who are finding it difficult to memories the cards, the meanings, the symbols etc.
  3. All those who want simple and easy methods to understand and remember the cards.
  4. All who are interested in giving an accurate Tarot Card reading, like a Professional.
  5. All those who want to connect in depth with themselves and the Tarot Cards.
  6. All those who want to understand their karmic patterns and life purpose.

What will you learn by the end of this Course?

  1. Learn to read all the 78 cards of the Tarot deck: The Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, Court Cards.
  2. Understand the 4 Suits/Elements.
  3. Understanding the Time frame.
  4. Learn over 6 different types of Tarot spreads for, love, finance, career, health, daily life etc.
  5. Learn different types of Mediations for Grounding, Cleansing and Shielding.
  6. Understand the history of Tarot.
  7. The story of Tarot in connection with life and life patterns.
  8. How to approach the Cards.
  9. Importance of Journaling.
  10. Practical and easy Methods to get more confidence to read the cards with ease.
  11. You will understand yourself and your life patterns.
  12. How to use Tarot to heal the challenges in your life.
  13. How to use it to heal the life of others (your clients).
  14. Receive assignments for practice post completion of the course.

What does the Course Include: Manual and Certificate

Course Duration: 15 hours

Professional Tarot Course

Next Course: 17th June 2022 – Online Course (Friday Batch)

The course will be taught with the Raider Waite Tarot Deck, if you have any other deck you wish to use, you can use it along through the course.

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Why the Master Tarot Course:

  1. For all those who have more thirst to get further insight of the Cards and Spreads.
  2. Those who wish to work on Deepening the connection with themselves and work more on their Intuitions.

Master Tarot Course:

  1. To advance further in one’s knowledge of all the 78 Tarot Cards
  2. Learn detailed Symbolisms of the Cards.
  3. Learn how to read the Reverse meaning of each card and Reverse situations.
  4. Learn about the Chakras, the connect with Tarot and how to do a reading for Chakras.
  5. Learn the characteristics of the Card Numbers, related Planets and their Associations.
  6. Learn more Tarot spreads for: Life purpose, Chakras, Karmic Understanding etc.
  7. Learn different types of Mediations to sharpen the connect with the Third Eye, Shielding and Cleansing.
  8. Practice Visualization Technique to go to the depths of connecting with the Cards.
  9. Learn how to get more clarity in the readings by asking the right questions and in a correct manner.
  10. Post completion of the Course, receive samples reading with my explanation for deeper understanding.
  11. Establish a deeper and lifelong connection with the Cards.

What does the Course Include: Manual and Certificate

Course Duration: 15 hours

Master Tarot Course

Next Course: 22nd July 2022 – Online Course (Friday Batch)

The course will be taught with the Raider Waite Tarot Deck, if you have any other deck you wish to use, you can use it along through the course.

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The Tarot Card Reading sessions are approximately 60 minutes.

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I Recommend Tarot Reading Learnings from Bhakti Raval Yoga from Sthira Chitta Yoga. I completed my Online Professional level and Master level Tarot Card Reading Certifícate Course (...).😇🙏 I have had experience of studying with Bhakti both in person and online as in past I had done my first level in person with Bhakti in India and then I studied again both levels Online through Whatsapp/Messenger Video Calling. And I would say that the experience is no different as her presence and teachings are the same both in person and online.💻📷📽️📲 Each session of the Course has enhanced my experience of understanding the cards and giving accurate readings. 💠🕉️ Bhakti’s in-depth knowledge, immense studies and so much experience with Tarot reflects in her teachings. 📗📚 With numerous examples, she gives you practical ways to remember the cards, how to approach the cards, how to ask questions and to read the messages that the cards are giving leading to gain best results. Both levels includes amazing mediation and visualization practices that helps you to grow, not only as a good Tarot reader but as a person connecting deeper with our intuitive side. And the experience of the meditation when practiced daily cannot be expressed in words easily. 🕉️🛐 Inshort everybody who chooses to do this course with Bhakti Raval from Sthira Chitta Yoga will always be Delighted and feel Blessed. Bhakti’s guidance and teachings are not limited in her teachings only during the course, but she is available online and offline for every single query you have post the course even after years of doing the course. 🌟🌠 Though we did the course online, we always felt we were doing it in person.👭👭 I Highly recommended this course, especially we did it in a group and it increases the scope of querries and various perspective were added to our learnings. Congratulations to everybody who are choosing this course.🎓
Tarot - Testimony - Archna - Sthira Chitta Yoga
Archna Dodhia Maru
I completed my Online Professional level and Master level Tarot Card Reading Certificate Course with Bhakti Raval from Sthira Chitta Yoga. Bhakti has an in-depth knowledge and experience with Tarot which reflects in her teachings. Her teachings and guidance are so real and deep, the way she teaches is easy to follow, remember and fun. The best part is that she is available online and offline, even post the course to guide and answer the queries. This Course has enhanced my understanding the Tarot cards and in giving accurate readings. Even though the course is online, it felt as if I was doing it in person. I would recommend doing both the levels as the detailed teaching. amazing mediation and visualization practices in both the courses will help one to grow not only as a good Tarot reader but as a person. The course has helped me to connect deeply with my intuitive side. The experience of the meditation, visualization and being present in each session is something one needs to experience for one self to see how amazing it is. I Highly recommended this course for anyone who wishes to be a fine Tarot reader and connect deeper with one’s own self.
Tarot - Testimony - Reshma - Sthira Chitta Yoga
Reshma Gujaran