Tok-Sen Massage Course

Massage Course

The Thai word ‘Tok’ means to hammer or to apply with vigor.

‘Sen’ means a rope, a line or a route. In Thai medicine ‘Sen’ also refers to the Channels or Channels of Energy that circulate through the entire Human Body.

These energy channels carry the Prana (Vital energy) through the entire body. But if this flow is obstructed due to any energy blockages, it can give rise to a physical, mental or emotional illness or disorder.

With the help of Tok-Sen Massage you unblock the energy channels by stimulating them and allowing the free circulation of the Prana in the body.

In the Tok-Sen Massage you use two (2) wooden Props:

  • The Hammer (Hong) & Chisel (Lim).

The Stick or Chisel is striked in a particular way with the Hammer, which is used to press and hit the different lines and energetic points. It is the Chisel which comes into contact with the client’s body. There are different shapes of Lim, according to the area or extension on which it works.

The Tok-Sen Massage is also known as Lanna Tok-Sen Massage. It is an original massage from the north of Thailand, specifically the Lanna kingdom meaning “Land of a million rice fields” (13th-18th centuries) today known as Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Lampang.

The ancient practice of the Tok-Sen could date from a time before the kingdom of Sukhothai, or even the kingdom of Lanna, and refers to an antiquity of more than 5000 years.

The therapeutic aspect of this massage is used by thousands of people. It is an ancient massage technique, recognized and recommended by the Thai Department of Traditional and Alternative Medicine.

The Lanna Tok-Sen Massage, like other traditional disciplines has been transmitted orally from teacher to disciple and from parents to children for centuries. The methodology can be very different from one teacher to another because there are no texts describing their technique in particular.

There are many traditional Thai medical techniques and practices that are unknown or rarely known and the Lanna Tok-Sen Massage is one of them.

To receive the Tok-Sen massage the receiver wears loose and comfortable clothing. This technique of massage is done by striking the wooden hammer on the wooden chisel or stick to beat the various lines and energetic points of the body. This creates a vibrational effect, it pressures and stimulates these energy channels. Further the vibration penetrates deep, working through the fascia at the tissues, ligaments, tendons, cells and muscle levels.

The main effects of Tok-Sen Massage works at three levels: the physical, the vibrational and the energetic.


The vibrational pressure which is created and penetrates through the different layers from the skin to the muscles, tendons, tissues etc. produces a consequent physical effect on the human body. All this relieves muscle tensions to very deep levels. Further when the gentle muscular stretches are done it eliminates pains and discomforts.


Through the striking of the hammer and the chisel on the different lines and points of the body, there is a particular pressure created. There is also a vibrational effect which is similar to an ultra sound working deep through the fascia. These vibrations reaches deep levels in the human body inducing relaxation, calm and stillness, decreasing the breathing rhythms and heart beats modifying the brain activity. It helps eliminating blocked energies and helps in healing past injuries.


The pressure created through the striking of hammer and chisel on the energy channels or lines (Sen) and on different energy points, they not only stimulate but also starts to unblock the caught up Prana (Vital Energy) by acting as a pulsating force allowing the free flow of energy through the body helping the reactivation and rejuvenation process.

The most import part of Tok-Sen Massage is that it is relaxing and therapeutic both at the same time, helping to relieve muscle tension at very deep levels without causing any type of pain.

Tok-Sen can be included (giving its specific time) in any conventional Thai massage or can just be taken as a stand-alone massage practice.

The Tok-Sen Massage:

  • It is an excellent relaxing method with therapeutic value aiming to relieve deep muscle contractions, old injuries, energy blockages, insomnia, other sleep disorders, constipation.
  • It is used as a treatment to help problems of numbness, tension relief, stiffness and tendon pain.
  • It promotes and increases blood circulation, stimulates the nervous system.
  • Releases stress, tension from the body promoting more relaxation.
  • Aids flexibility of the body and mobility of joints. Helps in improving the limitations of movements. Improves joints & strengthens bones.
  • It activates the endocrine system.
  • Increases metabolism.
  • Prevents injuries and relieves pains.
  • Activates the immune system.
  • Increased flexibility of tissues rich in collagen, with decreased joint stiffness and contracture.


  • In pain caused by muscular contractures in different body areas.
  • In releasing fatigue caused by respiratory disorders.
  • Relieving head (migraines & chronic headaches), shoulder, back & thighs pains.
  • To control Bruxism (grinding of teeth).
  • In Sciatica pain.
  • In pains caused by menstruation in the case of women.


  • 60 minutes Massage Session.

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The Tok-Sen Massage Course



– Manual.

Course Duration

12 Hours

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