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Thai Massage: Basic Course

The Basic Course is a very important foundation in the journey of learning Thai Massage. Gaining proper mastery over the basics will make the further learnings and practices much easy and smooth.

Once a student completes the Basic Course successfully, they are able to perform a massage which is between 60 to 90 minutes.

The student will be certified on the completion of the course.

Content for the Basic Course:

In the Basic Thai Massage Course the student will learn:

  • Concept of Energy Lines (SEN): Detailed explanation on how to find lines and pressure points on the body.
  • Application of pressure points and body weight in a Massage.
  • Correct body stretches.
  • How to use the breath.
  • Usage of thumbs, fingers and palms in a massage.
  • How to use different techniques of Massage for different body types.
  • Understanding about the do’s and don’ts of  Thai Massage, the limitations and contraindication of the Massage, what cautions to be taken whilst performing the Massage to certain body parts.
  • The Student will learn Yoga postures, warm up exercises to avoid any pulls or catches in their body whilst giving Massage.
  • They will also learn some breathing techniques and Meditation to be in harmony and a calm state during the Massage.

The Basic Thai Massage will cover:

The whole body Massage positions from toes upward to feet, ankles, legs, hips, chest, fingers, wrist, hands, arms, shoulders, back (on sitting position), neck, facial, and head.

Supine and Sitting Positions:

  • Supine Position: Feet upwards to Head and Face.
  • Sitting Position: Back and Shoulders.

Along with explanation and demonstration of each position by the teacher, the students will also learn both by receiving massage so that they get the Thai Massage experience and understand the correct position, points and the level of pressure to be given, and will also give Massage to others to get the firsthand experience of Massage. All this will enhance their learning process.

All this will be evaluated by the teacher, where the needed guidance and corrections will be given to the students. The student will be able to practice to get sufficient training to be able to learn all the techniques and positions thoroughly.

Finally the student will perform the entire Massage as an examination to qualify for the Basic Thai Massage Course and will receive a Certification of successfully completed Training in Basic Thai Massage.

The Course Includes:

– Certification.

– Manual.

Course Duration

25 Hours

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Hey my name is Adrian and i just done the Basic Thai Massage Course and it was super !! To be honest, since we start to chat by e-mail before the course, I knew they will be professionnal peolpe. And more than professionnal, Bhkti and Seba are super simpatic, they atended you very well and will make you confortable to make you progress at your own pace 🙂 I use to be an exigent person but i can't complaint to anything about the Course and them, I recommended them 100% !!! Thank you Seba and Bhakti for all 🙂 🙂 🙂 Great!!!
Thai Massage Course _ Sthira Chitta Yoga School
Adri Anelli Rojas